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Are you aware? by @susandmunro was the blog in May that got away: the blog introduced the theme for metal health week of exercise.  The blog posed a number of questions related to the theme – perhaps you should be visiting the blog and considering the questions for yourself.

5th June – Ayrshirehealth had a theme running throughout June.  They focussed on Early Clinical Career Fellowships (ECCF) which is an clinical academic developmental programme for newly qualified nurses in Scotland, one aspect of Scotland’s contribution to modernising nursing careers.  Leading off the month was @ProfAWallace who was chair of the national group, with her blog The Northern Lights.  The rest of the month featured three ECCF fellows as various stages in their own progress through their programme.

7th June – Quoting Churchill (Success is not the end, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts – Churchill) in the title of her blog Success is not the end Susan Roberts introduces readers work going on by the pharmacy team to continue to develop clinical pharmacy services.  The key question they are asking is “what matters to you about your medicines?” which is addressing a gap they identified in that they hadn’t asked the patient what was important to them.

10th June – was a reflection, on AHPs as agents of change one year on from The National Delivery Plan for AHPs in Scotland 2012 – 2015. The blog revisited the executive summary and poses the question “what are your success stories as an agent of this change in the last 12 months?”  The National Delivery Plan calls for AHPs to focus on delivering nationally agreed outcomes for health and social care integration.

12th June saw the first of the ECCF Fellows with @ikanerz with ECCF personal and professional improvement. The blog notes that the reason for undertaking the fellowship related to being a better nurse.  This theme of improvement to ‘develop the personal, professional and academic skills they need to become nurse leaders’ is the underlying principles of the programme as noted in the open blog from @profawallace, as we saw earlier.

14th June – Blog master (of DGHealth) @kendonaldson gave us Be kinder than necessary a blog about empathy.  In this blog he emphasis the need for us ensure that, no matter how busy we are, we ensure compassion and empathy is retained.  A link within the blog is well worth sharing, it’s from the Cleveland Clinic and it is highly recommended that you take four minutes to watch this clip, no matter in what guise you come into contact with health services.

17th June – gave us a re-blog of @lesleyahpd’s personal blog Spanning the public sector divide.  The blog focuses on lessons that can be learnt from the police related to the use of social media to engage widely.  Additionally the blog focuses on difference – the difference between how health service and the police se social media in different way, one of which seems to be a bit more positive.

19th June – Continued the ECCF theme we have seen from Ayrshirehealth.  @mz_kimb gave us Nursing research, broadening horizons a blog about research.  It walked us through the different context of research which were opened to Kim as she engaged with various ‘schools’ in the university, opening different research paradigms to her thinking.

21st June – Don’t blog, never blog by @YeWeeStoater introduces readers to the Patient Advice and Support Service (PASS) which is run by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.  For Samantha this means an increase in communication, more information for patients and increased participation.  @YeWeeStoater also discussed the use of social media as a way to gain, and share, information.

23rd June – @susandmunro’s only blog for June Singing from the same songsheet was a reflective blog related to a talk she gave to a diverse group of multidisciplinary and multiagency colleagues.  The core of the blog and the talk was on the importance of communication.

24th June – AHPScot featured a guest post from Ann Gates from Exercise Works in Time for AHPS to walk the talk with evidence.  This blog expresses concern that many health professionals still appear to be not accessing key resources to help promote exercise. The implication being that social media resources and key learning opportunities do not seem to be reaching or being used by the lead  ‘physical activity advocates’- AHPs.

25th June – saw a return to blogging from @dtbarron with his blog Who would you rather be? a reflection on his journey to work (via Glasgow Airport to Orkney).  The blog discussed the approach of three different employees of LoganAir in how they ‘cared’ for their passengers.  None of them did anything wrong, however the blog asked us which of these people would you rather be – what impact do you want to have/leave on the lives of people you come into contact with?

26th June – saw the final ECCF blog of this month, this time from @taylor121987 who gave us Action learning sets: Personal and professional development.  The blog focussed on Action Learning Sets as a way developing and improving critical and reflective skills by applying them to problem solving.  Each of the ECCF blogs this month have introduced us to different aspect of being a Fellow – the theme however has been learning, development and improvement.

28th June – In Two decades of change by Jean Robson tells readers about preparing for moving to a new primary care, about changes within medicine itself as well as changes in medical education.  However no matter what changes around us take place we must make the most of our situation to meet the needs of our patients.